Hughes’ warm, deeply informed, emotionally mature script reimagines the many ways fertility has affected so many of our relationships and friendships.
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Clem is a 32-year-old ambitious go-getter woman with no interest in motherhood when she meets and falls in love with Luke.

Four years later, she decides that she does want a child after all, and together they find themselves journeying into a crisis of infertility. Meanwhile, Clem’s older and best friend, Ruth, accidentally conceives a second child in her mid 40s, and Luke’s mother, Pam, unravels with early onset dementia, all of which fuels Clem’s fixation with Time.

Clem finds herself constantly counting things (like her remaining egg count), becoming dislocated from her loved ones (apart from Pam, with whom she now shares a special synergy), and increasingly convinced that, for her, time is moving too fast- which in some scenes of the play it quite literally does….