About 500 contains verbatim extracts from interviews carried out with over 20 women of all ages.
The script was developed through workshops with actors in collaboration with Dramaturg Melissa Dunne.

Simona also consulted with a wide range of research professionals and campaigners in the world of Fertility/Infertility, several of whom remain active partners. They are:

  • Jessica Hepburn (Author, Arts Producer, Adventure Activist)
  • Professor Joyce Harper ( Professor of Reproductive Science, Institute for Women’s Health, UCL)
  • Dr Zaina Mahmood (Lecturer, University of Liverpool)
  • Karin Enfield (Campaigner for Gateway Women, supporting childless-not-by-choice women)
  • Anya Sizer (Regional Co-ordinator, Fertility Network UK)
  • Dr Zeynep Gurtin (Lecturer in Women’s Health, Institute for Women’s Health, UCL)


“The visceral impact on Clem’s mental health due to her punishingly finite female fertility is so well-executed, portraying the very isolating difficulties experienced by all those who feel outmanoeuvred by a rigid biological timetable.”

Zaina Mahmoud, BioNews