Clem is a 32-year-old ambitious go-getter woman with no interest in motherhood when she meets Luke. Four years later, she decides she does want a child after all and together they find themselves journeying into a crisis of infertility. Meanwhile Clem’s older and best friend, Ruth, accidentally conceives a second child, aggravating Clem’s despair. She becomes increasingly obsessed with time, (insisting it is going too fast), and counting things (like her remaining egg count). By their 10th anniversary, Clem has become mentally and emotionally absent and Luke fears that he has lost her. They decide to officially give up on ‘project baby’. There then follows two intertwined endings, one in which Clem, aged 42, is miraculously pregnant, but is so traumatised by the last 6 years she feels doomed, and one in which she has just had a coil fitted, is ‘taking back control’, and is manically determined to be positive about her future with Luke.